Mike Segovia

Mike Segovia

Production Assistant

Mike Segovia was born a happy baby boy in Orange, California in 1966. It was then that Mike first realized that radio was for him. Just 19 years later in 1985, Mike got his start in the audio industry at a radio station in Southern California, KYMS, where he produced radio commercials, ran the board and did some fill in shifts as a disc jockey.

In the following years, Mike worked at various radio stations and production houses, producing, editing, mixing, and writing some top-notch production works.   In 2004 he was offered a position as Senior Producer at Westar Media Group in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He made the move east, and while at Westar, he wrote, recorded, edited, mixed, and produced a variety of radio programs and radio commercials for some widely known authors, speakers, and radio evangelists.

Just four years after coming to Colorado, Mike put all his skills together and started his own audio video production company PFCAudio/Video, where he has continued the excellence in audio production for which he is known, but he has now added video editing, video production, and videography as well.

In 2011, Mike joined the staff at 88.7 KCME as a Production Assistant, assembling many of the fine programs that you hear on the weekends.  He also helps produce many of the radio specials that you hear throughout the year, and he supports the social media department by posting produced videos and important updates to Facebook, the KCME website, and other social media outlets. Mike resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Kim, and three children. In his spare time, Mike enjoys announcing sporting events on a local cable TV network, playing basketball, softball, hiking and going on road trips.