KCME's 2012 Fall Membership Drive

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If you haven’t yet made your contribution to the Fall 2012 Fund Drive, please consider the following reasons for supporting:

  • KCME’s classical music appeals to the qualities of your mind, heart, and spirit. Without the classical music of 88.7-FM, who would wake you up in the morning? Who would keep you company on the way to and from work? Who would calm your nerves when you’ve had ‘one of those days’?
  • KCME cares deeply about the communities and the individuals it serves. KCME donates on-air announcements to support the arts in the communities it serves and values the service it provides to you.
  • When it comes right down to it, public radio is a partnership. KCME needs your support to continue broadcasting the classical music you expect to hear each time you turn the dial to 88.7-FM.
  • KCME-FM grows stronger with each new or renewing member. The more members KCME has, the more great classical programming you get to enjoy. Each and every member of the KCME family is valued and appreciated.