Thank You Gifts

Thank You for helping to sustain KCME and the high quality all-classical music that you love. To show our thanks for your generous contribution, 88.7 KCME-FM is offering the premiums outlined by donation level below.

FMV = Fair Market Value (this is the amount of your donation that is not tax deductible)

Reminder: Except for Gift Certificates, please include $5 fee for Shipping and Handing if you would like your gift mailed. You are also welcome to pick up thank you gifts in person at the station.
New "Beethoven" designNew "Keyboards" design
KCME T-Shirts

KCME T-Shirt ... Short- or Long-Sleeved

Custom-designed KCME t-shirt!


OR ... KCME Coffee Mug

Classic coffee mug with KCME "Find Your Passion for Music" design.

Tote Bag

OR ... KCME Tote Bag

When they ask, "Paper or plastic?" just say, "No, thanks! I have my KCME canvas tote!" Made from 35% recycled material, this tote-bag is hand washable and can be folded flat for easy storage.

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New "Beethoven" designNew "Keyboards" design
KCME Sweatshirts

KCME Sweatshirt

Custom-designed KCME sweatshirt – perfect for cooler weather!

Essential Opera

OR ... Essential Opera

A 2 CD set that is perfect for the opera lover! It features all of the great voices you love-Pavrotti, Domingo, Sutherland, and Bartoli

Mozart Piano Concertos

OR ... Mozart Piano Concertos

A 2 CD set with best-loved Concertos.#9, #19, #21, #23, and #27 - performed by pianist Christoph Eschenbach and the London Philharmonic.

#1 Choral Album

OR ...#1 Choral Album


This two CD set runs the gamut from Bach to John Tavener, all represented by well-known choirs and conductor-the music is simply wonderful!

Eton Radio

OR ... Eton Radio

One of the thank you gifts available today from KCME at the $120 level is the Eton FR 150 emergency radio.  It’s a must for weather-related power outages.  In addition to AM and FM stations, it receives all the NOAA weather channels . . . it features multiple power sources including a hand crank and even runs on solar power.   It can also charge your cell phone and has a built in LED flashlight. 

John Williams Greatest Hits

John Williams Greatest Hits

This collection includes the famous signature film themes, but goes beyond to feature incidental music and themes for individual characters as well. All sessions were conducted by the composer himself, and The Boston Pops, Tanglewood Festival, Boston Symphony, Pittsburgh and London Symphony, and even the Skywalker Symphony Orchestras lend their talents to this album.

Margarita at Pine Creek

OR ... Lunch for two at Margarita at Pine Creek

Lunch for two at Margarita at Pine Creek, whose owner, Patty Brulson, loves to support KCME.

Ultimate Movie Music Collection

Ultimate Movie Music Collection

This must have 4-CD set contains selections from the film scores of Titanic, E.T., The Lord of the Rings, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, and over 50 other films.

Briarhurst Restaurant

OR ...$25.00 Gift Certificate to The Briarhurst Manor Restaurant

The most romantic restaurant in Manitou Springs! The Briarhurst features gourmet dining with incredible atmosphere in this historic, Neo-Gothic manor house builit in 1876.

Sponsor a Day of Music

Sponsor a Day of Music for KCME

Hear your personalized message read on-air four times throughout the day you sponsor to celebrate a special occasion, honor the memory of a loved one, or simply express your love for classical music (for individuals only, no business or event promotions, on-air copy must follow FCC and KCME guidelines).

Insignia HD Radio

OR ...Insignia HD Radio/iPod Docking Station/CD Player

This all-in-one unit fits compactly on your table or countertop.

Oxford Companion to Music

OR ...The Oxford Companion to Music

One of the most famous music reference works of all time, The Oxford Companion to Music has over 1,300 pages and 8,000 articles.

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